​The Cattery at NAMC

Cait designed and painted a mural for an outside wall of my home. The results were 

beyond my expectations. Neighbors' and family comments have been most complimentary. Such as, what a work of art; it's exquisite; whoever did this did an absolutely wonderful job; we love walking by your home to see the mural, such uplifting and joyous work. Cait and I met twice before work began. Both times I felt jazzed because I knew Cait understood why I wanted this mural and how personal the mural's theme was for me. Cait's passion for art is infectious; you'll see what I mean when you work with her!

- Patty L. 

Home owner

It is a lucky day when you meet Cait. She's so natural at what she does that 

everyone involved is comfortable right away. I knew as soon as I met her that we'd

be friends. What I didn't know was the scope of her ability. Iv'e called on Cait 

countless times over the years for projects...from t-shirt/screen printing to mural 

work. And even for advice of what color of paint to choose for my business. She

really can and does it all with unparalleled talent. I really can't say enough. Iv'e referred

her to many of my friends and colleagues over the years and will continue to do so.

See for yourself!

-Sarah Johnson

Owner of Omaha Bicycle Co. 


​I Contacted Cait after seeing her art work on her Facebook page. Cait and I 

attended high school together, she was talented in high school, when I saw she had

been painting murals I contacted her immediately. We have received a few estimates from other businesses that were overpriced. I manage Nebraska Animal Medical Center, including our boarding facility. 

The hardest part about writing this review is describing her talent. So how to describe Cait's art work?... There really are no words that do her art justice. But I will give it my best shot; her talent is truly amazing, uplifting,beautiful and inspiring. We get so many compliments from our clients about her beautiful art work. So far Cait has painted the Cattery, Therapy Room, Feline Boarding, a mural in puppy boarding, and now she is currently painting different murals in each of our Boarding Suites.

Cait has done such a wonderful job and it has added so much to our business. She has been great to work with, listening to our ideas and providing feedback from those ideas. She has been able to take everything we requested and turn it into a main focal point in the clinic. She is a professional and very pleasant to all customers and other employees at my work.

The advice I have is invite Cait to your business, talk with her about transforming a space to your specific needs. Her murals have totally uplifted client and employee morale. Her murals have overall transformed the atmosphere at NAMC. Once again as mentioned above our clients comment daily on the inspiring murals she has painted... She is talented and one of the hardest working person I have ever contracted, Cait is very open to communication and does everything in her power to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the end product.

*** Please view our website to see the murals she has painted***


- Alisa Morhauser

Hospital Administrator ,Nebraska Animal Medical Center