Mural Progression- 8 days to finish the mural  27ft by 20ft

​Iowa School for the Deaf Bobcat Mural- Council Bluffs, Iowa

​Nebraska Animal Medical Center- Multiple Murals - Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska Animal Medical Center- Cat Kennels

​"Cattery" ​Area for the adoption of cats

Hydro therapy room- Nebraska Animal Medical Center

Omaha Bicycle Company Mural - Omaha, Nebraska (Benson Area)

Watch the progression of this project....

Mobile Farmers Market Project - Chequamegon Bay Area, Wisconsin

Greenstreet Cycles Bicycle Shop - Omaha, Nebraska

Home Decor

Private Residence- dinning room

Council Bluffs, Iowa

​Omaha, Nebraska

​Private residence- Master bedroom 

Private Residence- Master bedroom

Council Bluffs, Iowa

​Private Residence- Bathroom and Hall

Council Bluffs, Iowa

​Private Residence- Bathroom

Council Bluffs, Iowa

​Private Residence-Kitchen

Council Bluffs, Iowa

​Olive Branch Home Shop- Council Bluffs, Iowa

​"Rug Painted on porch"

Private Residence- Living Room

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Uncle Mike and Maggie's Irish Pub- Council Bluffs, Iowa

A project funded by the state of Wisconsin to convert an old army ambulance to deliver fresh

​local produce to rural areas of the state. 

​Holy Family Church, 10 Commandments Mural- Council Bluffs, Iowa

This mural is full of custom images reflecting family heritage

ABC Family Resource Center - Ashland Wisconsin

A state funded project. A multiple mural project where the entire downstairs area was painted with a "storybook" theme. 

Quinn's Room- Ashland, Wisconsin

Black Cat Coffee House- Ashland, Wisconsin

Black Cat Coffee House, Patio- Ashland, Wisconsin

​20ft by 6ft

Each creature is scientifically accurate

​Outside wall

This was an interesting mural project. My client gave me a list of the "favorite" animals of her children and grandchildren. 

I arranged them and painted them in a style suited for a residential area. 

Private Residence- Ralston Nebraska

This was an interesting project because it is more of a concept design. The client requested that I transform his studio space so it 

didn't look like a dentist office ( space originally had bright white walls, so the lighting was very harsh and sterile. I choose the colors for

the background with the plan to paint the hardware of a guitar.

Sully's Guitar Lesson Studio- ​Ralston, Nebraska



White Sand Beach Bathroom- ​Denton, Nebraska

Cafe 110 Coffee Shop- ​Downtown Omaha, Nebraska

​Work in progress photo


​Themed Dog Kennel Suites At Nebraska Animal Medical Center- Lincoln, Nebraska

​Beach Suite                                                   Hot Balloon Suite                                            Mt. Cabin Suite                                    Suite close-ups

​Dog Park Suite                                              Hunting Suite                                           Lake Suite

​Under the Sea Suite                                                         Some new "friends" I got to know while painting!