Untitled    12x20 inch     Charcoal on wood

Pastels on Wood Various Sizes

Barn Owl   16x20 inch Original size    Acrylic on Canvas

Great Horned Owl  16x20 inch original size   Acrylic on Canvas

The Guardian   24x36inch  Acrylic on Canvas

Grandmother Elephant ( Charcoal edition)     20x40inch Charcoal on packing paper

Zombie Road Kill (3 part )   Watercolor and Ink

Indigo Bunting  16x20 inch original   Acrylic on canvas

The Seeker  ( Road Kill Collection)  24x48 in Original Size  Acrylic on Canvas

Commissioned Piece  Painting of Wedding Photo  

30x 30 inch   Acrylic on Canvas

Ideas for public art on grain elevators  Mixed media

3 Owls   Pastels on reclaimed cabinet door

Commissioned Piece, A gift for a surrogate mother  24x48inch Acrylic on canvas

Commissioned Piece, Goldfinches 2 24x36inch Canvas   Acyrlic

Great Blue Heron  16x20 inch Original  Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Prints   8x10 inch      Pen and Ink

Blue Elephant Goddess   20x45 inch Original size  Pastels on Wood

Common Loon  16x20 inch original size    Acrylic on Canvas

Grandmother Elephant  24x48inch Original size  Acrylic on Canvas

Commissioned Piece for Northland College Alumni director    24x48inch   Acrylic on canvas

Northern Protector   36x48 inch Original Size  Acrylic on Canvas

Random Sketches on Scrap Water color paper. 5x7 in Original Sketches  Watercolor and Ink 

Some are available for purchase.

American Goldfinch   8x10 inch Original Size   Acrylic on Canvas

Dead Sparrow ( Road Kill Collection)  8x10 mounted on a 12x24 in canvas   Acrylic on Canvas

Kestrel  16x20 inch original  Acrylic on Canvas

Portrait of Sally    16x20inch Original Size   Acrylic on Canvas

Turkey Vulture   16x20 inch Original Size      Acrylic on Canvas

Bald Eagle  16x20inch Original Size  Acrylic on Canvas

The Life Of Road Kill    24x 40 inch  3D Mixed Media  

Sandhill Cranes  12x36 inch Original size     Acrylic on Canvas

She Awakens  12x24 inch original size  Watercolor and Ink

The Messenger   Original Stencil on dryer door

Field Notes From A Voyeur   reclaimed window    8 Panels Watercolor and Ink