Irwin Artworks LLC is an eclectic company offering a wide variety of high qulaity art services. All work is created by owner and artist Cait Irwin. Cait specializes in large scale mural work.

A typical mural bid goes as such:

-First, the client describes the space and their initial ideas for it. (Setting, size, desiredstyle...etc)  

If it is local a meeting will be set up to view the space. If not local, photos and 

measurements will be requested via e-mail or messenger. 

-After looking over your information Cait will prepare a free ROUGH sketch/s of your proposed mural.This will also include the cost of the mural. 

- Rough sketches are NOT set in stone, modifications are welcome.

-After an idea is agreed upon, you will receive a contract and your project will be scheduled. 


Price is decided roughly by square-footage, surface of the wall, complexity and style of the design, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and the placement of the mural within the space. For example, a ceiling is more difficult and dangerous to paint. Material costs will be calculated into the bid.  Additional costs may include travel fees and equipment rental fees.


The right mural can drastically alter a space.

Bidding Process



​Mission: To create spaces that inspire.

Pondering, designing and painting the perfect mural for a

space is artist Cait Irwin's personal mission with each project. 

While hatching an idea for a mural, Cait takes the utmost care in complimenting the energy and layout of each unique space. She also understands the importance of each client's vision and tailor fits the mural to embody the style, content, size, and spirit of the project.

With over 18 years of experience painting murals of every kind, Cait has built a solid reputation of outstanding quality, honesty, cooperation , and professionalism.

Irwin Artworks is based in the Council Bluffs,IA/Omaha,NE area. Additional travel fees apply to out-of-town projects.