The studio, a sanctaury

Barn Silo Stencil Project (first stencil)- Marengo, Wisconsin

                Stencil was hand-cut from carpet underlay. 


Cait's first professional mural was painted at age 14.  She transformed an entire high school classroom into a jungle.   Now with over 20 years 

of mural painting expereince she is truely a master of her craft.  All her work is original and done free-handed. 

​Cait Irwin is a woman of many passions. She is an artist, entrepreneur,activist,environmentalist,

author and visionary.  She knew since early childhood that she was an artist.

Completely self taught, Cait has built a vast multi-media portfolio. She describes her abilities as somewhat of a "knowing" about how to use the material at hand. Her fearless nature has enabled her to dive into new endeavors without hesitation as she continually evolves as an artist. 

The Muralist

It was at age 12 when Irwin discovered her ability to work BIG. While painting

a group of "jazz Cats" on her bedroom ceiling, she realized that she could see 

the entire completed image in her head. She realized there was no need to measure or 

grid out the image on the wall because she saw the proportions in her mind.  So, whether  the image is on a small sheet of paper or a hundred foot wall, it is all the same in her mind. 

Cait Irwin

​Recycled massive sticker project

Design for Animalis Art Show at the Indian Oven

​restaurant. Omaha, Nebraska

Making "Kong" for the Cake Art Show. Cait is not your

typical cake decorator.

Live art demonstration with sidewalk chalk for North

Downtown Days. Omaha, Nebraska

First book published by Random House

Written and illustrated by Cait At age 14,

based on her personal expereinece with

​clinical depression. Her second book,

"Monochrome Days" was published by 

the University of Oxford Press. 

​Cait graduated from Northland College, a liberal arts/environmental college,

with a bachelors degree in Studio Art emphasizing Animal Behavior and Native American Studies. She also studied wildlife biology, dog sledding, wolf tracking, sea kayaking, world religions, ornithology, canoeing, environmental studies, creative writing, peace studies, ethnobiology, and snowshoeing. Cait is also a published author, and has illustrated several books.